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Feb 6, 2013 10:00pm PST
sanchez is a husky guy. 5'8", 275 pounds. he had violated his parole on a drug violation. so police came to his resident to arrest him. they double-cuffed sanchez because he couldn't get his arms close enough together. they then put the 32 yield in the back of a mini-van and dropped some papers on the ground. >> it literally took a couple second, and the suspect clipped his cuffs, was able to slide into the driver's seat and flee the scene. >> reporter: a tenant had just left and the apartment gate stayed open just long enough. officers swarmed the area. and two hours later, they found it. sanchez parked it in a neighborhood a mile away and took off. all the police equipment including a hand-meld radio was still on the front seat. there were no weapons inside. >> now it's just going back to square 1 is finding our suspect. >> reporter: it's common practice for officers to leave keys in the ignition if they're going to be near the vehicle. investigators will look into what happened and review policy and procedures if needed. jason dwyer is keeping things in perspective. >> when every
Feb 8, 2013 10:00pm PST
rearrested. san jose police first arrested anthony sanchez on wednesday on outstanding warrants. officers used two sets of handcuffs because he is a large man. he managed to step over the handcuffs so they were in front of him and stole a police van. police say he was still wearing both sets of cuffs when officers found him sleeping in a stolen truck last night. >> it's an accepted law enforcement practice to chain behind them. in this case, it came back to bit us. >> sanchez was arrested on car theft and burglary, possession of narcotics and stolen property and two probation violation warrants. >>> a steak house is back open for business tonight after serving up something that made people sick. kpix5 reporter tells us the place needed a thorough cleaning, first. >> the beer nets started suspecting something was off when they overheard the whispers of waiters. >> i did hear them saying, wash your hands. wash your hands. is now it's all coming together. >> then, they couldn't order the appetizer they wanted. >> there are a couple things we didn't have. >> a norovirus thing is exa
Feb 7, 2013 10:00pm PST
handcuffs under his legs and stole a van. that van was recovered, but no sign of anthony sanchez. police were arresting him last night for a parole violation, but he will now face additional charges of auto theft and escape. >>> and customs agents at the port of oakland found three cars being used to smuggle thousands of rounds of ammunition. 2300 rounds of ammo hidden in the air filters of the vehicles bound for mongolia. >>> restoring the police department. that's what san jose mayor says is the top priority for the city. during tonight's state of the city address, mayor reid said the city needs more officers and added to the next two years. the money will come from savings on pensions that are now in place. >> the savings from pension reform, we can expand the police force by 200 more officers. we can do it and we will. >> reid says san jose's economic outlook is strong, the plans already put in place are saving the city $100 million a year to raise more money, reid is considering raising the sales tax by a quarter to a half percent. >>> christening the new bay bridge in style
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3